‘Staying Laser Focused’ – Newcastle Spot Chat – February 2017

Last week we had another great group of cowokers come together for the day at the Business and IP Centre based within Newcastle City Library. Armed with my valentine’s day themed treats of heart shaped chocolates, I lined up with the rest of the public for the library opening at 10am, each time I host at this venue I am amazed at how many people are queuing outside to use these fantastic facilities.

Our day consisted of lots of tasks being ticked off our to-do lists whilst sharing business event information, laughing, chatting about TV programmes, discussing the changing landscape of Newcastle City Centre, business books we have read. In between there was more laughing, dashing off to dentist appointments, Claire Jenks talking wedding cake layers, Anne Painter telling us about her amazing business trip to Uganda in March. Later in the day Richard Tubb filled us in on his recent house sale and new website ideas, Laura Pearman was researching her ideal client list and talking about her exciting plans to travel to America. We even had a visit from our veteran coworking Gerry King who came to discuss a business project with Richard Tubb and join in on the Spot Chat after lunch – which is supplied by the onsite café at the library.

Our Business Spot Chat was discussing ways of ‘Staying Laser Focused’! These are the main points we came up with:

•   Learn how to manage your work day through your energy levels. Get to know yourself and work when you are most productive.

•   Try using a stand up desk to get focussed and improve posture too.

•   Learning the art of saying ‘NO’

•   Manage distractions by turning off email alters and phone notifications.

•   Breaking down projects into chunks – by tasks or weeks

•   Leave a buffer margin for urgent client enquiries

I hope these tips might help you too. Our next Newcastle Coworking Day is Tuesday 14th March – come along to join in the fun, work alongside other business owners and make new connections while you work.Coworking 17.1.17

We have other venues across the North East which host our monthly coworking events – we are based in Consett, Darlington, Durham, Gateshead IBC, Teesside University and Sunderland University. Check out our Coworking Calendar for dates and get yourself surrounded by other like-minded people.


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