A great community of like-minded people

"Colleagues on Tap has provided me with a great community of like-minded people that I can learn from, socialise with and be supported by. 

The working environment offered by the co working days means I can work on my business, re-focus and be productive, whilst building relationships."

Claire Jenks - Claire Jenks Graphic Design

Fran Williams - Perspective

I always come away revitalised, with new ideas

“What can I say about Colleagues on Tap?  It’s a fabulous concept, and support network – not only for those who work alone, but also for anyone in business that wishes to get a day away, in a different environment, with different co-workers.

I cherish the times I do a CoT day; I always come away revitalised, with new ideas, get loads of work done and enjoy the company of the other co-workers on the day.

The people I have met through CoT have become business friends, suppliers, customers and I’ve made a couple of ‘life friends’ along the way too – as well as being super-productive! “

Co-working days take away that isolation

"I have been a regular at Colleagues on Tap days for over 2 years and have visited a number of groups across the region. For me, Colleagues on Tap has given me a chance to network with other businesses in a much more meaningful way, as well as sharing ideas, knowledge and experience. Working for oneself can be lonely as can working from home. Co-working days take away that isolation and give a real sense of community. I've made friends at co-working days and always look forward to the regular days I attend. Importantly, the lunches are always excellent as are the all- important cakes. What's not to like?"

James Seabright - James Seabright Photography

John, Multiple Small Business Owner

Supportive network

“Colleagues on Tap is highly recommended - the interaction with a supportive network of friendly and like-minded small business owners has been invaluable!!”

Office banter - only without the politics!

“Colleagues on Tap is a fantastic way to connect with business owners without the pressure of networking. It offers a very genuine community which is invaluable when you work for yourself. Co-working days allow you to carry on with the day job but with the added advantage of office banter - only without the politics. It’s the best of both worlds. I would recommend them to anyone working for themselves.”

Lindsay Parker – Stride PR

Ann-Marie Smyth Branding and Design

Share insights, ideas and problems

“Colleagues on Tap is a great resource for people who are just starting out in business and for those who have been in business for a while. Being able to share insights, ideas and problems with people who have “been there and done it" is an invaluable asset to anyone in business”.