'Coworking' in the words of our fabulous Coworkers!

I love colleagues on tap, it is a great way to get together with other business owners as a sole trader and be motivated, inspired and challenged. I have attended in Durham and Newcastle and always met great co-workers. If you have never tried it before, give it a go, you will not be disappointed!

Lynsey Rollins - L Rollins Design 

I started Colleagues on Tap in 2014 and loved it so much I started hosting in Barnard Castle. I now host in Darlington and love the coworkers who attend. We have a group of regulars but new people are joining us every month. I love the connection, friendships and collaboration that are being made.

Beverly Sherratt - Profectus 4 People

Colleagues on Tap has been fundamental to my business from the very first week that I went full time and continues to be a valued resource. Colleagues on Tap is unique, nowhere else can you enjoy the special mix of support, knowledge sharing and networking that is a coworking day. The value is immense and anyone who works from home or in a coworking space can book up for a day with Colleagues on Tap at great price and experience the benefits at first hand without any ongoing commitment. There's a coworking day coming up near you soon, check the calendar, get booked on and give it a try!

Gerry King - i-netco
I love Colleagues on Tap! Every time I've been, I've met a great bunch of fellow business owners and I always get a new buzz about my own. Everyone is always so warm and welcoming, very open and happy to chat if I ever need to throw ideas around, which is something I really miss about working in a team. It's fab to get a different slant on things and the opportunity to network with absolutely no hard sell is something that keeps me coming back time and time again
Angela Karamath - Dodgeball North East
I love attending Colleagues on Tap days. I normally attend the Darlington sessions and aim to get there each month. Beverly is a brilliant host, always very welcoming. I get so much out of the days, a chance to focus on a particular task, contact with other local businesses, a chance to discuss issues facing my business and most important of all, contact with people, as working from home could be isolating. I have also formed many friendships through this group and love the banter. Thank you Beverly and Jo!!
Julie Allan - JLA Accounting

As a newcomer to the North-East after moving up from Birmingham, I've found the Colleagues on Tap co-working sessions invaluable for helping me meet new business friends and colleagues.

I've attended a number of co-working events at Newcastle Library, and the venue is great. More than that, the people who attend are awesome! So friendly and welcoming.

As a home-worker, having Colleagues on Tap has helped me to have a little bit of that "office worker" vibe while still being productive. Highly recommended for anyone looking to meet some fabulous peeps in the North-East!

Richard Tubb - Tubblog
I've attended two colleagues on tap days in Darlington and I'm looking forward to the next one. I get so much work done and meet some really interesting people. I miss the staff room comoradery since setting up my business and have found it again here. The discussion in the afternoon is always interesting and during the day people are willing to help in all sorts for ways - I now understand my Chromebook a lot better -and it's a great working atmosphere. (I've also got some work from people I've met there which has been an added bonus as I didn't go to network or promote my business).
Jo Ebberley - Identity Theatre
I always have a great time at Colleagues on Tap. Beverly Sherratt is the perfect host and my 'colleagues' for the days have always been lovely, interesting & inspiring people. It's so nice to be able to get work done, network and share knowledge and skills all at the same time!
Katie Blenkharn - JLA Accounting
I love coworking days. As a one-man business I do sometimes get fed up with my own company, especially as I spent more than 30 years employed in large offices before I became self-employed, so I am used to having other people around. Colleagues on Tap gives me that stimulus from time to time but without the annoyances of daily office life! Also I don’t particularly get much out of formal networking meetings, but I enjoy chatting informally to my Colleagues on Tap coworkers and hearing about their latest plans. Finally I must say that I have had more successful business leads through Colleagues on Tap than I have from any of the formal networking groups I joined
Andy Collins - Andy Collins PR & Training

I love my Colleagues on Tap days. Jo and friends have become my go-to work colleagues but without the horrid office politics. It's an incredibly supportive environment and there's always someone in the network who can answer your queries. There's strength in discussing challenges with like-minded business owners which is why I find the Spot Chats really useful. Not to mention Jo's smiley face snacks. They go down a treat too

Lindsay Parker - Stride PR

I recently started attending Colleagues on Tap sessions in Newcastle Library and I've found them to be really beneficial for my business. I've made new contacts, exchanged experiences and ideas with other attendees and managed to get my work done in the process. I would definitely recommend Colleagues on Tap for anyone who works on their own. It's a friendly and welcoming community. Thank you Jo for recommending I come along!

Kathryn Baird - KD Communications

Great place to meet likeminded business people, network and discuss ideas. Especially great if you are a lone worker to add other people's perspectives into the mix. Highly recommended to attend!

Emma Barugh - MBHR Consulting Ltd

Colleagues on Tap provides a much-needed service in a world where home-working is becoming more and more common. It does me the world of good to get out and about and actually talk to someone for a while! Thank you Jo!

Rosanna Whitton - Flautino

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Colleagues on Tap! Not only do I get all my tasks for the day done, but I get to really network with like-minded people in the area. Oh, and the Spot Chats are brilliant too Highly recommended to any micro and small business owner!

Tiana Wilson-Buys - Talking Business

I now have premises I work from, however 'lone' working can be as isolating as 'home' working so I decided to make a return visit to Colleagues on tap to have a more sociable working day. Lovely venue in Durham, helpful interesting workmates and fabulous hosting by Jo Cameron. Plenty or work done, ad day out and decent coffee. Great value and I recommend without hesitation.

Gail Curry - Happy Planet Creative Arts

I love going to Colleagues on Tap! It's a great way for me to do more of a slow-burn style networking for my business as well as getting out of my usual working space.

Laura Pearman - Laura Pearman Photography

I have been to Colleagues on Tap frequently because it is excellent value for money, great fun and motivating. You get to know people. Everyone is so friendly and you learn from each other. Great company and welcoming atmosphere.

Nancy Radford - Nancy Radford Conflict Management

Went to my first Colleagues on Tap coworking day in Darlington and really enjoyed it! I managed to get a lot done (which surprised me), and found the goal setting exercise we did really helpful! I've found self-employment quite isolating so working like this every so often helps me to keep going! This is a great venue and it was really nice to finally meet Beverly. Highly recommend it! Looking forward to trying out Newcastle and Durham!

Debbie Stokoe - Social Butterfly Comms

I find the Colleague on Tap days really useful and a great way to stay connected with other small business owners - it can be pretty lonely working for yourself!
The days always have a talking point too which is great for understanding others' views as well as sharing ideas for generating business. Looking forward to the next one!

Jo Long - Jo Long Consulting

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