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Associate Scheme

The Associate Scheme is an exciting development for Colleagues on Tap, and is the obvious way to spread the benefits of Coworking to the whole of the North East small business community (and beyond).  Associate Hosts can take advantage of the well-recognised Colleagues on Tap brand, and a robust framework for successful events that has stood the test of time.

Associate Hosts arrange events in a venue of their choice within an agreed geographical area, under licence from Colleagues on Tap.  The licence arrangement includes hosting and promotion of events on; management of bookings and payments;  a thorough online guide which tells you everything you need to know to hold successful events; and email support as and when you need it, particularly during the early days.

Through your own marketing with the local business community, complemented by central marketing, social media and bulletins from Colleagues on Tap, you can develop a regular following of co-workers to attend your events.

What’s in it for you?  

The Associate Scheme is a marvellous way for you to add value to the local business community through a well-received service that has been hailed as a successful way to connect with a really diverse group of home-based, start-up and freelance businesses.  In turn, of course, you will also be able to raise your own profile as a supporter of local business (and obviously of the services that you deliver) through being aligned with the highly regarded Colleagues on Tap brand, and through promotion of you and your business on the Colleagues on Tap website.

Will you profit?

Yes.  The business model for Coworking days doesn’t lend itself to making a direct profit from the events directly; the income generated does cover your direct costs, however the event price and format limits the potential for a significant yield.  However!  Coworking days provide a fantastic platform for you to develop your business and therefore help you to become more profitable.