“Coworking Days give you new ideas, a boost in confidence, new contacts, and a refreshing change from working alone”

Why would Coworking be good for me?

On a Coworking Day you will:
Achieve More: Coworkers are more productive as they are motivated to make the most of their day.
Laugh More: The company of others is fun
Learn More: You’ll learn new skills through the SPoT chat
Get to Know More People: With up to 20 people per day coworking is a great way to start and build relationships.
Breathe More: Coworking Days can be a chance to reflect, and with venues in from the coast to the country they can literally bring a breath of fresh air into your business.

I like the sound of Coworking, what do I get?

For £20 (or less for multiple bookings) you get:Macmillan Coworking Day by Francesca Dent

  • Desk  
  • Wi-fi
  • Whole day access to your venue (normally 9-5)
  • Lunch plus plenty of tea and coffee
  • Many hosts provide sweet treats!
  • Access to the post lunch SPoT chat; a chance to boost your business and learn from each other.

You bring laptop, notepad and 'to-do list' and you're set

What would I do all day?

That’s up to you! Most Coworkers tend to come along with a specific plan in mind; so they might do their monthly accounts, plan their marketing, write a batch of blog posts, or simply do admin and filing. What all Coworkers find is that focussing on something specific for a day (without the distractions home-working brings) means they achieve it.


What happens on a Coworking day?


You can be guaranteed of a warm welcome whatever time you arrive.
You can arrive from 9am (if you can try to arrive before 10am so you work before lunch).


A light lunch is included in the price. We provide various options depending on what’s available at the venue or the surrounding area.
We always aim for you to be able to choose your own food.

SPoT Chat:

After lunch everyone stops work for the SpoT Chat.
This is an informal, but structured chat, about a topic associated with running a business and is the favourite part of the day for most people.  The ‘SpoT chat’ is a way to share ideas and experiences, to learn and pass on knowledge, and of course to connect with other people who are running their own businesses in the local area.

By around 2pm we’ve finished the SPoT chat and most people get back to work. You can leave whenever you need to and can stay to 5pm if you really want to make the most of every hour!