Lizzie gets buzzing with Coworking Days

It’s so great to receive feedback from people who tentatively try out Coworking Days, then become regular participants because they’ve gained so much from getting surrounded by other business owners and homeworkers for the day.  Travel Counsellor Lizzie Adamson-Brown explains that after her first Coworking Day she was hooked!

Lizzie gets buzzing with Coworking Days …

quotation-marks-startIn 2013, I was at a crucial point in my business. We were expanding, but I was unsure which direction to move in. A good friend of mine, Anne Williams, Linchpin PA strongly recommended I contact Jayne Graham of Colleagues on Tap. That had to be one of the best pieces of business advice EVER.

I went along to a Colleagues on Tap Coworking Day at Clavering House in Newcastle. It was fabulous. In the morning, we all really worked hard and got stuck in. I have to say I was more productive that morning that I’d been in a while. I felt that because I was in a different environment and had other people to bounce ideas off.

Lunch was fabulous and then we had the ‘SpoT chat’. It gave us the opportunity to discuss and debate an issue around the table in relaxed surroundings. I came away buzzing with ideas from people I ordinarily wouldn’t have met. Yes, I could have met them at a networking event, but our time together would have been limited. I am actually still in contact with some of the business owners I met at Clavering House, and we still support and help each other whenever possible.

After one Coworking Day, I was hooked. I attend the Alnmouth sessions at the Red Lion as often as possible. As well as developing strategic alliances, I can honestly say that some of the people I’ve met there have become friends.

quotation-marks-endIt’s really made a difference to me and how I work. I know that yes, I work from home and on my own, which I love; however, I don’t need to be. Having the option to book onto any one of various Coworking days around the North East is another business asset. My business is going from strength to strength and I never have to feel as though I’m on my own. Help and support is just a phone call away.  Collaboration at its best!

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Get Surrounded

If you’d like to give Coworking Days a try, here’s a map of venues and a calendar – there are loads of locations and dates to choose from across the North East, and you can’t fail to be inspired and if nothing else you can enjoy a day at the office for a change!