About Coworking days

Colleagues on Tap Coworking days are popular, really popular!  Why?  Because they meet a need that hasn’t previously been catered for.  They provide the occasional opportunity to work alongside other people for a change, when you usually work on your own.  Of course you’re really welcome if you’re already a member of a team too;  perhaps you could do with a change of scene or a different conversation for a change!

So what happens on a Coworking day?

Coworkers sharing knowledgeHow you spend your Coworking day is really up to you. You can usually arrive any time from 9 am, but later than that’s fine too. To get the most out of the day it’s probably best to arrive by about 10.30, so you can get down to work before lunch. You can be guaranteed of a warm welcome whatever time you arrive.

A light lunch is included in the event price, and we provide various options depending on what’s available at the venue or the surrounding area – we always aim for you to have the opportunity to order your own choice of food.

After lunch we join together for about an hour for an informal but structured chat about a topic associated with running a business. This ‘SpoT chat’ session is particularly popular amongst coworkers as it provides lots of opportunities to share ideas and experiences, to learn and pass on knowledge, and of course to connect with other people who are running their own businesses in the local area. book-coworking-sidebar-btn

Great value for money

Coworking days really are great value for money. You can book your place for only £20 including lunch, workspace, WiFi and refreshments throughout the day.  And it’s even cheaper if you book 2 events at a time – you’ll pay only £16 for each event!

We also have a Subscription option that makes it even cheaper – pay for 5 or 10 events in advance and just let us know which events you’d like to attend during the subscription period.

Find out more about Coworking Day Subscriptions here


Good for you and your business

When people leave coworking days they usually tell us that they’ve had a really enjoyable day, and they often say they’ve managed to do more work than they would have done at home or back at the office.

What’s guaranteed is that you’ll meet new people who can have a great impact on you and your business.  Lots of long-standing relationships have developed through Colleagues on Tap, from friendships to new customers, and coworking days provide opportunities to learn things you didn’t know you didn’t know!  Everyone leaves with something!