Self Employment – a Blessing or a Curse?

The answer to this question will depend on the time and day you are asked…. certainly for me anyway!

Today it is both – I am working from the sofa after pulling a muscle in my back last night, so although I didn’t need to call in sick this morning, I did have to cancel a meeting with a fellow coworker and instead of putting my feet up I have ploughed through a back log of emails and treated myself to a bag of Hula-Hoops for lunch! Who ever said self-employment isn’t glamourous?

Branching out as a business owner you are often the envy of your friends, family and former colleagues. You will have no doubt heard the phrases – “at least you don’t have anyone to answer to”, “you can have as many holidays as you like” and “you have got the life of Riley working from home!” Surely I am not the only one who smiles in response with raised eyebrows? I don’t want to tarnish that image and give an honest response. My cousin thinks I earn millions and spend my days having my nails painted and going out for afternoon tea!





Nobody can understand the reality of the late nights, chasing invoices, juggling home-life, planning your diary to account for every minute, worrying that you aren’t doing enough marketing and trying to remember to go to the toilet at regular intervals throughout the day unless you have first-hand experience. As the phrase goes “Small business owners will work 60 hours a week so they don’t have to work 40 hours for someone else.”

Attending regular coworking days over the past few years I can say for certain that no matter what business you run – every business owner has the same worries, stresses and fears. Getting together with like-minded people who share similar experiences is very reassuring – you really aren’t the only one in the world who feels overwhelmed with a never-ending list of things to do.

There are obviously lots of blessings that come along with this commitment – but the responses are varied depending on the Coworkers we meet each week. Let’s make a pact to increase the list of positive results of being your own boss rather than focussing on the challenges.

If you would like to link up with other small/micro business owners in the North East region have a look at our Coworking Calendar for events.

Jo Cameron

Director, Colleagues on Tap


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