If you work for yourself in the North East, #Get Surrounded

Onwards and upwards from spaceontap.com


Jayne Graham March 2014 2

After 4 great years spaceontap.com has now closed.  Thank you to everyone who has promoted their spaces through the website, and to the hundreds and hundreds of people that have found their perfect places on spaceontap.com.

Thousands of enquiries have been received for meeting rooms, hot-desks, co-working space and conference venues across the North East since the site launched in June 2010, so I’m pretty confident it’s served a positive purpose over the past four years.

What you may not know is that on the same day spaceontap.com launched I also launched Colleagues on Tap, introducing Coworking Days to the North East for the very first time.  Now, over 100 events later, Colleagues on Tap is so much more.  This is my passion, and it will continue to develop and truly add value to the small business community of the North East.

If you work for yourself, and would prefer not always to be working by yourself, you might be interested in getting surrounded with Colleagues on Tap.

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Thank you.  Onwards and upwards …

Jayne Graham